”Here’s the Deal “

Over the years we have accumulated left over slabs from large jobs, smaller remnants, drop outs from sink cuts, broken larger pieces, and a lot more. We offer these pieces to the general public at fantastic prices.
“What to do”
1. Come on over and see if we have what you want.
2. If we have a stone that you can’t live without, you now have to make more decisions.
3. You can:
a. Take it as is. We’ll load it on your truck.
b. Have us cut it to your dimensions.
c. Have us polish edges.
d. Have us do sink cutouts
e. Have us form one of the edge details found under “Edge Details” on the web site.
Obviously there are a lot of questions that need to be answered but you can be assured, if we have what you want, you won’t find it for less..
All our remnant slabs are price at $10.00 per Square Foot. This is our take with price. We will give you an exact price upon selection and your answering some questions above.
Give us a call and let’s get started today: